Sunday, February 1, 2009

Welcome to a foreign land - you're sick

Ugh. Well, it finally happened! Nothing much happened this week, we were both sick. The stange new germs and jet-lag and stress I suppose caught up with us last Sunday so we spent the week trying to get over the crud. Emily's was the worst with full blown flu, and Ben got a *really* nice sinus infection that set in a couple of days after Emily's. We're on the upswing though, we went to dinner at another new place tonight with friends which turned out to be really good! Tomorrow's the day though, we get to move into the new place! We're both pretty happy to be getting out of this terrible hotel room! It's not that bad, its just the 4th week solid of being in one and living out of the suitcases in the closet. But no more! We move in tomorrow (Monday the 2nd), and are getting a ood bit of our own stuff delivered. Most of our kitchen stuff, some clothes, and the temporary furniture the Air Force gives us is coming as well. So the camera will be active again this week, Ben starts flying, and its almost time for Emily to start getting ready for a trip back to the States. Busy week!

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Anonymous said...

hey guys! just saying hi! i can't wait to see pics of the new house! i am glad you are both better! love you both!