Wednesday, February 4, 2009

We have a house! And soon...our stuff!

We finally got our house! Like, we live here now. Although it will be another couple of weeks (at the most) before we get the rest of our things, it was very nice to move off base and get out of a hotel room. Even though the loaner furniture we got from the government isn't the best, its better than sleeping in a hotel room or on the floor. We also have about a half mile of windows to buy curtains for, which has been an adventure like everything else. Not so much the curtains, just the stuff you see along the way.

To catch up, last weekend Emily had her first "at the squadron" event - a Bat Babe naming - where the wives take over the squadron on Saturday night, and when its your turn, you get "named." In other words, that's when the wives tell stories about funny or flat out dumb things that have happened and they get a callsign - the same way the fighter pilots get named. She was still getting over the sickness but had a good time and got to meet a few more people she hadn't ran into yet. Ben went with the guys to quite possibly the best sushi place on Earth. They have something for everybody too - one guy had a teriyaki fried chicken roll. Yep, fried chicken sushi. And since the Superbowl was on Monday morning at 8:00 here, we had a no fly pseudo-off day so we went looking for the curtains and found that and a TON more! The Jusco store here is amazing - like Super WalMart on crack. Two stories of amazing goodies, gadgets, clothes, home furnishings, a grocery store, food court and other random things. Like some kind of horse-saddle exercise contraption. And ten thousand electric razors. And we still aren't completely sure if its real or just floor models - but the couches and tables are miniature.

What, you don't have these exercise machines in the States?

Miniature couch or big American?

Excuse me, where is your random acre of Hello Kitty? Ahhhh, thank you!

"Wendy's, Open 24 Hours" doesn't translate *exactly*...

And finally the house! We got two loaner chairs, a couple of end tables, and a double bed to use until our stuff gets here - and a fridge and washing machine to keep. Excuse the mess, we're moving. Lots of neat things to discover when you actually move into a house in Japan. Like, each room has its own small air conditioner, with a remote control for 440 different functions. In....Japanese. Same for the dishwasher. And dryer. And the gas control which you need to take a shower with *warm* water. But everything is also very well thought out, and seems to be very well built. We'll get some better photos when we get our stuff and the move-in clutter out of here - but we are officially ready for visitors!!!

Inside the front door to the living room

Living room...


Living room (one of the 12 foot windows)

Master bedroom

Guest bathroom

Front balcony

Anyone want to tell me how to turn on the A/C?

Lets see... double it and add 30 is farenheit, right? Could be an interesting shower...


MelTheGreat said...

You guys are so hilarious! I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE your blogs and reading about your most recent conquest and the pictures are great. I wish I could come and visit....maybe one day. :o)

Love you guys!!

Anonymous said...

love the house!--but most interested in the acre of hello kitty. could you zoom in more on the next picture! i would like to go ahead and pick out my bday present! also-the exercise machine--do you just sit? if so, i might need one of those with some hello kitty stickers for christmas!!
love yall!!!