Sunday, January 25, 2009

We found a house! We just don't live there yet...

Okay, we've seriously been having some camera technical issues, so we apologize for the infrequent updates. We had our housing appointment the first Friday we were here, and turned in our information sheet. They sent it out to the off base housing agencies, all 40 or so of them, and they started calling. So starting that Saturday, we looked at houses for about 8 hours a day, with some stops to look at cars in between. After looking at 24 places, yeah - 24, we found one! Let's just say the whole experience was interesting (there's that word again.) We saw single family homes, apartments, duplexes, one upstairs from a restaurant and tv repair shop and everything in between. Cars? Pretty much like the house thing, except possibly MORE interesting! Everything we do here is an adventure, and I mean everything. We've been experiencing the food, trying our best guess at the language - at least thank you, excuse me, good morning, please no fish eyes - just the normal stuff. We also found the famous Jusco and then the Monkeyman store. Jusco is a two story monster building that's somewhere between wal-mart and a mall. The monkeyman store is like Home Depot (complete with the road cone orange uniforms). You can buy everything that the locals seem to love - flourescent lights, hello kitty, and $700 heated toilet seats with a gigantic remote control with a lot of buttons and Japanese words on it. Not sure what all it does, but where they have them - you don't need toilet paper. And yesterday we filled the car up with gas and just went driving! We found the sea road which is just that, a road with ocean right off each side, over to Miyagi Island and Ikei Island. The water is the coolest blue-green color and as clear as bath water. The weather was pretty bad so we'll take better pictures when we drive back out there. Oh, and we finally stopped at McDonald's. I know, gross - right? Nope. There were about 20 people working, and I'm talking in heels and dress skirts and perfect professional uniforms. And the food was good! We were pretty far from base, so we got a lot of stares and giggles and girls taking pictures of us with their phones. Again - very interesting! Enjoy!

The view from the first beach place we saw!

But this was the kitchen. And dining room. And living room.

Turn left on WHAT street?

Road construction signs. Why *wouldn't* you have a rabbit/dog cartoon? Duh.

Sunabe seawall!

The amazing Japanese toilet seat

Us at American Village on the seawall. With a GIANT ferris wheel in the background.

Fresh 8-pack of baby squid anyone?

Our living room! (More and better pictures to come)

Probably Ben's favorite place we didn't get. (Too far away)

Another place - yes, the living room is a no kidding bar. AWESOME. (Emily said no.)

Another cool house we looked at

The sea road out to the island

Miyagi Island

McD's in Japan!

4x4 minivans. AWESOME. (Emily said no.)

Our car!

Yes, the steering wheel is on the wrong side.

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Anonymous said...

glad to see an update! i look everyday! the houses look awesome! i can;t wait to see pics of yalls' ! hope you are well and not too homesick! ben-are you flying yet? emily-have you started on that scrapbook?