Monday, June 7, 2010

Is this thing on?

HEY! Turns out we still have a blog and it still works. Who knew?

Since November? Let's see, I saw most of you at Christmas. Watched Alabama whip Florida's, well, you know from Chicago airport on the way, then got back to Okinawa just in time to watch them do the same to Texas to win yet another National Title, along with a little trophy for Mark Ingram. Nice work fellas, now time for another one.

Ben spent the majority of the year through March in Las Vegas, and Emily got to join at the end of her spring trip home for a long weekend there before we got back to Okinawa. Then, Ben hit the road again to St Louis followed by Korea via Chicago. Much more of this and we'll be president of United Airlines. (Which we will promptly sell and buy our own jet. And a P-51 Mustang. And Alabama season tickets.) That almost catches us up, not too much to crow about in the middle until now, where we have Ben's Mom, Shelby and Olivia in for a visit! We've been at full throttle since they got here - there will be no resting on vacation; we got stuff to see! We'll update with pictures a little more regular now since we have more exciting stuff going on. We've been to the aquarium, Okinawa World, the butterfly garden, Shuri castle (that's been here for about 500 years or so, give or take a century), the beach, driving all over creation, etc. But - we're going to dinner now so I don't have time to sort through the pictures.

Looking forward to the rest of their trip and maybe some more visitors later this year (Wisemans!)

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