Monday, July 27, 2009

Summer (blur) with the girls!

We left you in Alaska, or at least right after we got home. Okinawa, my friends, is NOT Alaska. After a month in the best weather in the world we got back to tropical Japan. In July. We love this place, but it is amazingly HOT here. During the day it feels like you're on another planet, one that's about 10 feet from the sun. I'm sure there are other places in the world like it, I've just never been there! Anyway, it makes for good beach days and there is still no shortage of things to see and do here. We went adventuring a few times while the girls were here and found some more new places to go.

Notlong after we got here, the girls were ready to see the sights and eat at a Japanese restaurant. So we did - and they loved it! The on-the-fly chopstick lessons were pretty funny, but they picked up on it pretty quickly. Shelby developed a taste for Sashimi, and both of the girlies enjoyed their sushi. And of course all of the other fried stuff that came along with it!

What else? Well, we went to the second largest aquarium in the world. Went camping on the beach. Snorkeling a coupleof different weekends, most recently to Cape Maeda which was awesome! The Emily and the girls went to work to watch Ben fly, and to work with emily teaching gymnastics several times. All the ladies went and got over-the-top pedicures (which apparently you just HAVE to do here. Unless you're a dude.) Shelby drove the car on the left side of the road. (If you're law enforcement, that last part was a lie. No it wasn't. Yes it was. ?) We missed 4th of July at home, but went to the airshow on base and saw the fireworks, and our good 'ole Dave remembered us at the lake mansion since we missed cheeseburgers in paradise. Not to mention a birthday party for Ben, complete with silly string, magic relight candles and power rangers decorations. (Shopping for the simple things can be more of an adventure than it should be. It's the thought that counts.)

It's been a blur of a summer, and we've been having a blast with kiddos! Already can't wait for them to come back - and ready for more visitors soon! You never know what we might get into here.

Ahhhh, Chopstick!

Yes Liv, you have to try

Shelby liked the Ahi Tuna Sashimi. Olivia, not so much

This is fried. I will definately eat this.

Toe time!

Liv too!

Beside Dad's Eagle at the airshow

This was one big, goofy looking fish. A dorkfish, if you will.

All kinds of cool stuff like these guys where we were snorkeling.

Whale sharks and giant manta rays.

Waiting for a Japanese lady to figure out our camera while we wait.

Shelby. And a shark. (She's not inside the tank.)

Neither is Olivia. We're better parents that *that.*

Random beach camping

Liv at the beach

Birthday party!

Dave's poster he had up at the lakehouse. (ZZ is the tail code for Kadena.)

Come on, I had to have at least ONE flying picture! I'm second from the right, flying during the solar eclipse.

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