Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Homeless!!! Just for a little while.

Time to get moving! The movers showed up, well, over and over again until everything we own is either in a crate going to Japan or in a bag in the trunk of the car. Although the Air Force paid for us to move, they still manage to make the process something between brain surgery and rocket science. But its free, right? Oh, and as an added adventure, Emily caught one of the movers "investigating" her purse. We're having our people take care of it. (That was a joke, if anything were to happen to the guy.) So we have no "stuff," and we moved in with Emily's parents until we fly out for Hawaii. They're good sports though, Barry is a great roommate - he cooks a lot. Sleeping in the car isn't very fun though. But its free, right?

Jokes aside, it's already turned into an adventure and we haven't gone anywhere yet! But we get to spend the holidays at home before we leave, so its all worth it. Merry Christmas everyone, and we'll see you in Hawaii.


E O Attar said...

Are you still in Mobile? Call and come visit! Sounds like a grand adventure is on its way. Hope you all have a blast traveling. Love, Ellen O

valerie said...

hey girl...i am so happy that you have a blog. I have become quite the blogger myself. You will find that you become somewhat addicted. I am so excited for you and ben and can't wait to read all about your adventures!!!